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About us


Mercy Manor is a guiding light for women recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction that provids an alcohol and drug-free living environment, peer support, assistance with obtaining alcohol and drug addiction services, and other alcohol and drug addiction recovery assitstance. The length of stay is determined by the resident's needs, progress and willingness to abide by the recovery house rules, in collaboration with the Executive Director and House Managers, and if appropriate consultation with a community addiction service provider..


Interviews are scheduled with women transitioning from community addiction facilities, hospitals, behavioral health facilities and criminal justice facilities.

Through interaction with staff and being a supportive environment, the participants are given assistance in developing life skills and positive behavior.  Goals are set for self-development of the whole person that include the physical, psychological, intellectual, interpersonal and spirtiual compnents of self.

Approximately 70% of the women served by Mercy Manor are living in permanent housing, employed and/or pursuing educational opportunities, and living drug and crime-free lives.


Mercy Manor Program Includes: 


· Peer to Peer Support

· Support in Maintaining a Drug Free Life

· Spiritual Experiences

· Short / Long Range Goal Setting

· Employment Guidance

· Drug-free Housing

· Transitional Housing

· Medical and Dental Assistance

· Life Skills Training

· Counseling

· Mentoring and Role Modeling

· Financial Management Assistance

· Re-connecting with family asappropriate



“Judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. But mercy triumphs  over judgment.”   James 2:13




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